A Journey of a Thousand Miles, Must Begin With a Single Step. Mission: Ultimate Success.


The purpose of this blog?

This blog will be only about success. Tips and tricks, principle, the dos and don’ts, the how to’s, inspiration, motivation, opportunities, mindset and much, much more all focused around -SUCCESS-. A very big challenge and project for me but at the same time a burning passion with one purpose and on purpose only:

To help other people who don’t have that much time and burning PASSION like me to succeed in their lives in whatever they set their mind to do.

We All Can Be Successful.

I believe we all can be successful in life and success doesn’t necessarily need to be HARD in the sense of experiencing a lot of struggle and pain towards it.

Pain and struggle make us stronger yes, the same way our muscles grow through pain and struggle, but it’s not necessary to go through such hardship to reach success.


I know that most people don’t want to go through pain and hardship to become stronger like I do, they just want to live a good, happy  family life, but, unfortunately, the way society is structured and the way we have been programmed, most people have difficulties to succeed in their intentions, actually most people don’t know what they want from themselves and their lives, so my job is to remind and help them to get there.

And success means to get there. Success means when you have an intention to make something happen and you DID IT you actually succeed in that intention this is SUCCESS.

If a guy wants to destroy the world and he actually did that, then he succeeded in that intention.

For you, dear reader. If you want to have something in your life and you get it, you achieve that, that means you succeed.

Not to keep wanting, not to keep dreaming (forever); not to hope, not to wish but to really get there to experience, to live it.

Now because I know we all are so different everyone has a different idea of success – a different idea (different blueprint) about how they want they life to look like. I mean… one person ideal life can be living at the top of the mountain in peace and harmony, for someone else to live in the center of the big city and make the noise in the world.

So my intention is not to push any kind of life as a standard that everyone should live by saying this is a success. F no!  I am all for individual freedom to choose.  My intention is for everyone to find out what success means for them and then go for it until they get it -until they reach their ultimate success in their life.




Yes, ultimate success.


No, I mean what you mean by saying ultimate success.


Oh… sorry.


The way I’m going to define ultimate success will be basically LIVING THE LIFE ONE WANTS TO LIVE.  

For everyone it’s different. You define what success means for you.


And once one knows what he/she wants he/she need to make a DECISION to go for it and IT’S A JOURNEY that needs to be walked. It’s a PROCESS that needs to be taken in place to achieve the end goal.

The journey towards ULTIMATE SUCCESS.

Through this blog and basically everything I do (I put out) my mission is to help other people to succeed in that journey and do it at their own pace with less struggle, pain, and failure, basically with less RESISTANCE. This is the big word. RESISTANCE.


It doesn’t mean that you won’t need to do stuff or it will be easy, f no, less resistance means that – you move forward for what you want in life and you do it in a way that you experience less resistance through your journey, and so you feel more pleasure while doing something that other perceive as pain.


The idea is this: When one can get in the state when he/she move forward towards what one wants in life, doing stuff, moving forward can be a very pleasurable experience.

The idea that doing stuff is hard is for lazy people because once you become this person with great habits, great mindset and who is active and stuff doing stuff moving forward can be a very pleasurable experience.

The most successful people repeatedly say that they love what they do and so for them, working is not working but something they just love to do–a pleasure.

One person can perceive and therefore experience working out as something hard and a lot of work, another person can totally enjoy the process and all that comes with it: pain, struggle, challenges, obstacles and so one.

But to get to that place, there needs to be a right mindset from where to start that journey.

And so this is where I come in. This is what I can give to the world. This is how I can serve the world. This is my passion. This is something that I want to do with my life, to help people to succeed in their intention and do so with less RESISTANCE possible.

Are you the one?

If you are one who wants to have, be, do more and you are willing to do what it takes to get it. Follow me and I will help, guide, teach, mentor, inspire, encourage, assist you in that journey.

But it’s your journey and you need to walk it yourself, and it will not be EASY. Not at all. It will require a change in your behavior, habits etc. . It will require you to do stuff, to discipline yourself to say NO to things that do not serve you and to say yes and do stuff that you know you need to do; to believe in yourself, to see worth in yourself, to put constant effort into building your dreams, your dream life day after day. But…


I mean living the life of your dreams. What can be cooler than that?

The big question is…

Are you want to be a victor or a failure of your life? Do you want to live your dreams or live in regret?

You cannot get both.



To your Ultimate Success!

Sany Fox

(the success guy)


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