Follow YOUR Desire

I get inspiration to write this blog post by watching this incredible video. Watch it yourself then we can talk more.

What are your thoughts on that?

I don’t know how you, but I was like f*** yeah. I mean… what’s the point to live the life you don’t desire in the world where we are not bound to do what we don’t like to do anymore. We are not living in times when people live to fight with each other for power anymore.

Now, we are living in times when people finally can do what they want. Yes, we need money as a resource to provide ourselves with food and shelter, and yes, we are living in very mind controlled society and all of that. I get it. But what stops us from doing what we want?

No one actually. It is just no one really tell us to do what we want in life.

Of course, it is not that easy. I get it. It depends on the individual and in what circumstance he founds himself in but still, he/she can choose to do what he/she wants in his/her life no matter what. Of course not immediately but rationally speaking, he/she can move towards the life he/she wants to live no matter what happens.

After all, it’s a CHOICE, doesn’t it?

The consequences of what will happen if we don’t go for what we want in life.

For you to better understand this idea I will put it in the story.

Let’s say a girl name Sindi wants to be a painter and so this girl Sindi is very good at painting, painting is her natural God given talent; she loves to paint, she spends a lot of hers free time painting stuff and would do it for free, but but because her mom didn’t choose to live here dreams says that (for the good of her child) she needs to become a doctor, because doctors make good money and so she needs to study to become doctor like her mother did.

So Sindi chooses (she made a choice in the end) to not follow her desire and become a painter and instead chooses to follow her mother desire and become a doctor, so she can make good money and PLEASE her parents.

She didn’t follow her desire but desires of others people and money. Making good money can be a great desire but why not making money by doing what you love in the times we are living right now? The time where we can connect with any person in the world to offer our goods and services?

Anyways, so Sindi decides and make in her mind as a goal to become a doctor based on… (she actually don’t know herself why)

And so as time past Sindi become a doctor because she went a path of becoming a doctor, and she even become a very good doctor, and made good money, and lived a good life, and everything in her life was pretty much OK.

But because she didn’t follow her desire she always felt little incomplete, like something was missing something was not OK. She couldn’t explain this feeling in words why she felt like this after all she lived a good life, but she wasn’t really happy because of this deep feeling that there is something more something else that she could be doing but can’t see, but feel like something is missing.

But because other people around here lived the same life she thought this is NORMAL and continue to live (pretend) that it is normal and blaim.. I don’t know hormones or something. And by observing other people life and hers she thought she even lived a very good life considering how other people lived.

In the results of all of that, she really didn’t enjoy what she did but only did it because she has to not because she wanted to. And even though, her physical need was met her soul remain unfulfilled.

And so when her daughter born she led her child to the same path because she didn’t know any better. And the cycle continues… of living the life but not really, not to the fullest, not with all heart.


A touching story, right? Reflect many people lives. I know. I am INFJ I observe people and their life and see patterns.

You see, even though everything around here showed that this is how things should be, she always have a choice and choose to follow her desire, follow her heart in every moment. But she didn’t, so nothing changed.


You see,  goals are not that important. What is more important is to follow your desire that will fuel you and your life. Then, based on your desires, make goals followed by EXECUTION.

It will be best for you to… when you move towards your success in life first, decide what is that you want.

Like for real.

What life you would like to live? What experience you would like to have? What you would like to do? Who you would like to become?

Really take your time and write these things down. Because of doing so, you will move closer to who you are and what you should be doing in this life. And so in this way, you will fulfill your purpose.

Start with desire and only then make goals. Follow your desire. Follow you. Follow your passion. Follow your dreams. Step first step forwards and the way will be presented to you.

But you, dear reader, have to make this choice. You got to take the first step.

Choose your path wisely!

you choose

Sany Fox

(the success guy)


P.S Sorry for my grammar mistakes. I know there are tons of them. But I’m learning, and it’s better to put out something than to hold back and until things are ”perfect” I’ll reach perfection in grammar because as a blogger it is what I need to do to be successful in this field, but I will not hold back and do what I can with what I have and continue to become better.

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