Hi 🙂 My real name is Sandijs Lapsa. I’m just a regular guy from a small country – Latvia located in Europe who is on his mission to achieve his ultimate success.

Basically, that means living THE LIFE. A life where I am the boss and decide how much I want to work and what I want to do with my life. Life with full of amazing experiences and my own personal growth to become the best version of me, to be totally me and serve the world with my gifts and talents.

Destined to succeed!

I am obsessed with success. I started my journey as 18 years young boy, (now I am 27) and I have learned from many masters like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Eric Thomas, Brian Tracy, David Wood, Vick Strizheus, Robert Kiyosaki and many, many more mainly through videos, and programs they created.

I am all about success, personal growth, goals, dreams, freedom, passion, and all these goodies.

As it right now I am in the process to help, motivate, inspire, guide, teach other people to find, reach their own success in their life in whatever they choose to set their mind to.

I want to serve you as a mentor, as a teacher, as a someone who can say to you that you can do it and it is possible. Your dreams are POSSIBLE. It will take time and work ethic and dedication to make them a reality but YOUR DREAMS ARE POSSIBLE.

If you are the one who wants more from himself, more from his life, who seeks to grow, to experience, to learn, to give, to expand, to enjoy then maybe I am the right guy to follow to get inspiration, motivation, and education from so you can step on the path of success and start going YOUR journey to towards your own personal success in your life.

To your Ultimate Success!

Sany Fox


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